Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Pains on Labor Day, The Death of The American Artist, WTF TMI

"I had a kidney stone after giving birth to two daughters," one writer said. "Childbirth has nothing on kidney stones. When you are in labor the pain is like a wave. With a kidney stone it is constant. I would have 10 births before ever wanting to go through the pain of a stone."
--Testimony from witness in a move by John Gotti Jr. to get out of prison early due to Kidney Stones and cells being cruel and unusual punishment.

I’ve never written horror and I’m not to start right now but with the continuing pain in my sides shit is about to get scary. I do pretty well with pain for the most part as I’ve always prided myself on the old world mentality of take what’s given to you and get back up stronger and more determined if not a little bit bruised and sore. I’ve experienced most of the worst from a mental angle and a lot of physical pain but never what is described as the worst. The worst is one of the few things in this world that lives up to its reputation like heavily recommended cake or under performing politicians it often delivers as its name describes.

For the past three days I have felt a sharp consistent pain my right side just under my rib cage. It has since split to both of my sides it often feels as if I am on fire or being stabbed. I guess the best way to describe it is the moment you get your bearings back after just being socked in the stomach. It hurts like hell but it’s now manageable and the light is in sight. I’m not sick. I still have an appetite and I’m yet to get a fever or nausea. I’ve also kept all my appointments and have outside of the discomfort causing a lack of sleep I have functioned as normal as an Al can function.

According to the ever comforting, always accurate, and always opinionated voices of the web what I’m experiencing now is a 4 on a pain scale of ten. When this bad boy gets rolling it will shoot up to a 10 as it will feel as if a super nova is exploding inside of me. I will fall to my knees asking God to deliver on his promise of redemption as tears will roll down my fat cheeks. Years of fatty food and sin will deliver vengeance to the most innocent moment in my life and I will be ushered into to an emergency room where they will drug me back to sanity and decide if the rocks should just roll out of my uninsured pecker or if a lazar will assist.

The paradox of the situation is I don’t believe in a Government health care system yet right now between jobs I am uninsured. Believe me when I tell you thoughts of rusty needles inserted into my last muscle of pride have been dancing through my head like a taunting seductress who has no interest in me yet I can’t keep my eyes off. If I had insurance I would have already seen a doctor and considering options. Without insurance I have to wait till the crash so that I’ll be so full of rage and pain they will no option but to treat me or put me down. Either works at this point as I’m not picky and always interested in how the story ends. Best cause scenario is this is just the body correcting itself and it will all pass without assistance in the next day or so. Until then I search the web for what to do and where I can find a free clinic. For the record this is my cross to bear and I still don’t support a government run medical system. I made my bed and now I will yell in it.

I don’t mean to bore you with the actually of the world and the real struggles of real people. It’s silly when there is so much information about so many celebrities on Wikipedia that we can instead be talking about. I’m sure many politicians and celebrities can relate to a guy without insurance about to face the worst pain know to man. I feel like I’m on death row sorta like a modern day white Tookie Williams waiting for a call from the Governor. Maybe a few Hollywood hotshots will stand up for me and throw benefit in my honor. Time is working against us here boys, but I assure you I’m as morally truth worthy as Tookie ever was and I would appreciate it.

I never wondered what space smelled like until I heard an astronaut talk about. To me space never had a smell because we can’t breathe it so who the hell would sit around and think about such a thing as smell or taste? But science does always smell and space does indeed smell like gunpowder. When the astronauts would come in from the space walk they would have the scent of the atmosphere on them, and that is how you smell space. To me this little bit of information adds a whole new element to how I view space. I understand it more as a process and as explosion just like a gun and just like the elements we share. The simple added information of smell opened up space to a new layer of my mind.

Why this is important and what the hell am I ranting about with pain on my sides and grass on my brain anyway? A conspiracy theory of irrational reasoning perhaps would be the best way to describe it another way would be cultural genocide, un-sewing the fabrics of society, Lady Liberty falling on her own sword in final poetic notion of artistic depravity. The end of art is near my fellow travelers and it’s not government, radicals, PBS, or Jay Leno that you need to blame but rather you and I.

WTF? R U nuts? WTFDYJS???? W8 TMI.

Long standing code and symbolism being thrown to the side for an easier language is the sign of progress throughout history of our world. Most all of which was brought on and encouraged through art and literature for it is what binds society. From fashion to music to the written story we come together under not just government and religion but also the arts. The ability to write started with mad cave men phased by the best drugs the good berry pusher had to offer ranting madly in a cave carving the walls to make a point to his wife. Gangs of graffiti artists tagged up Egypt with hieroglyphics of their kings and queens and crypts and bloods. The Mesopotamians figured out cuneiform writing using symbols to make up words and a sort of pronunciation system that was easier then consistent drawings. Finally an alphabet was established using pronunciation to create words with meaning through the sounds we make. Laws and order were given in order for it to be uniform so all can understand it from the rich to the poor. Now that’s a shitty over view of the whole story that takes us to our Alphabet ignoring a lot of history in the process but this isn’t a history lesson and I could be experiencing the worst pain in the world any moment so time is of the essence.

So changes in how language is laid out has been consistent in its progress of society and it seems it forever will transform as better and more simplistic ways of communicating are found. You can argue that this internet short hand is a move toward the future. You could also be an idiot. I’m not the judging kind. Why it can’t be considered as progress is because Ebonics and internet short hand move to destroy progress and rules in order to be less expressive and detailed. In no way is it logical and it’s in many ways putting a lot of faith and power into what the internet is and what we and it will become. Lets understand the partnership before we give in completely to it.

Every aspect of our technology has lead to sacrificing quality for quantity. We use fewer words to avoid charges or save time or to fit in. We read less because we are presented with so much more information it overwhelms us and long and detailed is often thrown aside for a summery or a cliff note. We prefer short web features to longer better written better produced material. We champion the single and seek out the independent ignoring the albums and burning through music at amazing rates. Our news is so cluttered with everybody’s opinion from the meaningless such as mine to actual informed opinion that truth which was always been hard to find is finding a much easier time hiding in the clutter.

It’s like willingly killing your own free speech using fewer words and ignoring more detail to maintain you’re high-speed lifestyle. Thought can’t be constricted, debate shouldn’t be lessened, and detail cannot be sacrificed. WHAT THE FUCK (WTF) are we thinking selling out structure and science in favor of fifteen minutes of fame? Now when it comes to English I’m no expert. I’m a failure but I’m embarrassed by it, not proud of it. You should never EVER say something is too long to read IF it’s interesting.

The system has become overwhelmed and all we can do is accept it. Let us watch the death of creativity as in the process of mass appeal the threads of similarity will become more and more present as culture thins out. How can you teach a child the value in the book, “Boss” by Mike Royko, versus simply spending fifteen minutes on Wikipedia to read about Mayor Richard J. Daley. How can the boring stories of the past impress a kid in the world where every aspect of media is at their finger tips? How can we find compromise on issues if everybody has lame men political writers who write only what the reader wants to hear as absolute fact? It’s not good the direction we are going and I wonder how long before news stories such as the smell of space dissolve from our radar and all we are left with is Perz Hilton drawing jizz markings on the latest popularity craze.

With so many people writing with no depth the true spirits of the words are being lost in the plastic of the keys on the keyboard. The young cultural revolutionaries cannot fail in their job as cultural book binders because if they do so more and more structure in our society will fall to the government or the cooperation’s as we all enslave ourselves to mediocrity. No generation of American artist has failed yet, but the writing is on the texts.


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