Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Moral Indecent Proposal

I was in a bar debating moral decency with Fat Tony the other night as the juke box played some Credence, and the Jack and diets went down like water. When the faulty phrase “moral decency” was put out there I shot it down as brainwash and control because it really is. Tony, the morally decent dimwit had the gull to tell me that I think everything I disagree with is brainwash. I stood up and yelled as loud as I could to all the on lookers, drunkards, morally corrupt, and morally decent patrons that Tony was trying to brainwash them saying everything I disagree with I call brainwash. HOGWASH if you ask me!!

After being calmed down by “Homeless” Pete and one of his funny cigarettes I pressed harder. If Moral Decency isn’t a tool of guilt and brainwash what the hell does it mean? Nobody, not even Tony a Morally Decent fellow had an answer because nobody but God can define what is morally decent and quite frankly I think God is too busy betting on football to worry about defining the phrase that pays.

On September 11th 2001 religious fundamentalists hijacked planes and crashed them into buildings killing thousands and causing the networks to cut out of the Oprah show, millions of dollars in McDonalds advertisements, and move to 24 hour news coverage. Cowards, criminals, gutless wonders, dickless, pus packets, douche bags, monsters, and pure evil were all appropriate responses to what these men were, and what they had done. However morally bankrupt was not an appropriate term, as a matter of fact these men were acting in Moral Decency based on their religious and political beliefs.

Moral Decency is defined by man, and mans motives must always be questioned. You want to grow up to be morally decent don’t you? Put down that dope, stand straight, turn off that noise, and get on your knees and conform sinner! Oh no, we can’t give rubbers in school that would be morally indecent and probably the loose string that you pull on that causes the hole in our very society to become unwound. Instead let’s allow our children to make more children THAT’s MORALLY DECENT yet socially awkward as girls with babies tend to be painted as ‘loose’. Still not sure if I’d rather be labeled loose after actually fucking or be labeled morally fucked. At least you pleasure out of the first label!

I really don’t know where I stand on the moral decency barometer, in the eyes of pre-programmed social ilk that walk as zombies amongst us eating our brains, but first like any good chef washing them before cooking. I’m an obese loud mouth who enjoys sex, drugs, and the pursuit of happiness. Just an all American guy who likes to hear a good racist joke in the bar, sip on strong whiskey, and hope to God that God has a sense of humor, or well I’m fucked and doomed to an afterlife of whatever the hell happens in the afterlife.

Is it morally decent of me to share my drugs with my homeless friend? Is it morally decent when I lend a friend money who is in the rears with his bookie? I am morally decent when I visit a prostitute and pay her money through illegal means yet both willing? Where is the line drawn and who the hell draws it? I know plenty of drug types that can cut a perfectly white pure line. Not sure if I trust that guy as his hands shake a bit much or my priest for that matter as I’m still just an altered ex-alter boy seeking my way in a world defined and judged not by God but by those such as Fat Tony, the screaming preacher on Television, and by many more of my fellow travelers.

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