Monday, October 19, 2009

Irrational Anger in an Agitated Age

Irrational anger is the worst enemy of democracy as all our filters are shut down and the inmates control the asylum in the most animalistic of styles. The wise manipulate and trigger these moments of blind rage as it causes the very cover needed to push their agenda of control and power right by our beer commercial attention spans and half blind guard dogs. Stop the ignorance and stop ignoring just because you are comfortable in your surroundings.

I was on the Irving Park bus and I’ve learned if you ride route 77 long enough you’re bound to see a woman who looks exactly like a witch. I mean so close to the real deal you sit there and rationalize how this person can be and can’t be a witch. This older woman got on the bus and she had the weird hair, strange nose, crooked smile, and mole. My mind started routing me back to the right track telling me how ignorant and judgmental I was being thinking such silly thoughts about a poor old woman. Just as I was about to shame myself she went flying forward making the funniest witch face I have ever seen. Her face was something right out of a horror movie with a witty writer and a non-existent budget. She was sitting in the three way seats facing me and the acceleration of the bus threw her off balance for a minute causing her to fly forward before grabbing on. Any control I had over judgment I lost as I started laughing like a madman. She started pointing at me and yelling gibberish which just made me laugh harder now to the point of tears. I think I’ve been cursed as some of the things she was yelling at me sounded dark and evil, but it really wasn’t my entire fault.

When I first heard about Enrique Gonzalez this sick, gang banging, lowlife I wanted nothing more than to hunt him down and pour bleach into his eye sockets while chanting game show theme songs loudly in his ears. A painful exit seemed appropriate after hearing this maggot of a man held his seven year old son down and tattooed a gang sign on his hip. A membership into the early grave club before the kid even has a driver’s license. Not a great start and a baseball bat bash to the head of the father seemed logical, even if a bit violent.

Richard Heene made his son lie to authorities and media just to gain exposure to try to get the world to look at him yet again in his attention drug fix. American’s poured positive force into a negative story while real kids suffered and were ignored. Its true balloons, white people, and hillbillies; trump blacks, poverty, and guns as a ratings grabber or money grabber for that matter. It was a disgusting reflection of our own image after a twenty year drug binge full of greed, excess, and orgies Just because you keep the garden cozy and give to charity every month doesn’t mean horror doesn’t exist behind the white shades of perfection you present to us.

Both men damaged their children in way’s we all, regardless of political sides and moral ideologies, can agree is child abuse and disgusting. We can all agree punishment is needed. As it stands right now Richard Heene is facing six felonies charges with a maximum of six years in prison and a 500,000 fine. Enrique Gonzalez changed with aggravated mayhem faces life in prison. What is fair and who decides?

One’s a Mexican gang banger in California the other is a white media hound from Colorado. Sure you can argue one is more dangerous to the world as a whole then the other, but to me the crime is in the way the children were hurt. It’s a case of lifestyle. I always cringe when people cheer when drug laws that favor the rich are removed in favor of the same harsh laws that punish the poor. Why not change the laws so they reach the protective levels of the rich instead of the other way around? Irrational anger goes such a long way in limiting our own freedoms. Reasonably, I think in both cases the courts need to figure out if the child needs to be placed in foster care or if the situation can be fixed by responsible members of the families. After the child’s safety is determined both men need only a year in prison and lots of rehab. But of course that’s not the way the world as we are oh so comfortable with the way things are.

I’d rather take on the witches curse then Enrique Gonzalez’s judge’s sentence.


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