Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Questions Than Answers…aka What?...Aka Question Everything...Aka Life’s Illusion…aka Life Machine…AKA 2012 Is The End Of The World As Al Knows It….aka Will You Please Shut Up?

"I’ve looked at life from both sides now,
From win and lose, and still somehow
It’s life’s illusions I recall.
I really don’t know life at all"
--Willie Nelson, 'Both Sides Now'


It just don't make sense to me anymore. 

What is secure?  What is enslavement?  What is freedom? 

Who’s got the winning lotto numbers?

Can I really not eat that on the Atkins diet? 

Why aren’t the Bears getting any fucking respect? 

What is the Patriot Act? 

Is the world run from the East?  Who’s East?  

Why can’t we stop the murders, when we can catch everybody going through a red light in the city of Chicago?  How much is a life worth?  How much profit do those camera tickets really make?  

What are my rights?

When can I question authority? When can I question technology?  Can we question computers?

Is there really absolution?

Where are the jobs with the long term path? 

What’s hot on Youtube? Do careers exist?

 Is fame my only option? Do I have talent? 

Are we all just a replaceable part? 

Are we past roots and evolved to flying; or are we malnourished and slowly dying?  

How big is too big?

Why don’t you talk to me?

Why are the taxes so high, and the benefits so low?  Who’s paying for it all? Is privilege and power really all about drug access; in regards to both the young and old?

Is the highest point on earth, moot point?  Does any of it really matter if we’re all just cosmic fellow travelers or future dust?  

When does asking to many questions actually become control through confusion, rhythm, and repetition?

Who is the political candidate you are passionate about?  How do you personally, progress their power?  Does it matter if you don’t have one? Did you vote?  When does indifference become slavery?   Who is in control?  Is somebody asleep at the wheel?  Is it all a circus and we’re buying overpriced snowcones with either a donkey or an elephant on the souvenir cup?

What happened to marriage?  Do you think Tommy Barlett’s lake dried up due to bad karma from putting those bumper stickers on everybody’s car in the 80’s? 

Did I write that write?

Have you checked Facebook lately?   Did you read the national news today?  The local?  Who is in control of those news organizations?  Did you know Google got a new CEO today?  Do you think you’ll be laid off in the next year or two?

Is 2012 the end?  Why are so many people in power acting like it is? Who’s to benefit if it isn’t?   Is this the big event that could bring or scare the people back to the church?

 Why won’t you dance with me? 

Does the Catholic Church have an advertising and marketing department?  Does religion matter?  Will it be space aliens that get us?  An Asteroid?  The Apocalypse, or another day in paradise?  What if this is as good as it gets?  

Who’s on third?

 Is culture the wave?

What’s a matter with me?  What’s a matter with you?  Could it be a plague?   What’s with the dead birds?  Dead Fish?  Dead Cows?  Did you know more than 200 Wisconsin cows just dropped dead the other day?  What the fuck is going on?    

Are we doomed? 

Weren’t we always doomed?  Doesn’t every generation claim the end of time?  Aren’t we born doomed?  Is there a need to worry?  Is the inevitable really just destiny?   

What’s up with China?   
Do we work for them now?   
Was there a change of management and I wasn’t informed?

 Is it true the more the government provides me the less freedom I really have?  Is water really in short supply?

Does fear really sell? 

Are we to distracted?  When’s the last time you touched your phone?  A keyboard?  A lover?   Friend?    Is individualism a style?  A Dress Code? Does everything come back to code? 

Is it all about the numbers? 

Am I being all I can be?  Can I be more?  Do I have the right licenses’?  Can I still drift our nation?  Is New Orleans the new Wild West?  Is Detroit really a war zone?  Is Chicago a police state?  Can I park there? 

Will the Chicago Bears have the greatest parade ever?  Can Geico really save me more on car insurance? 

What is property anymore when music is free?  

Are we in a Depression?  Are we in an age of enlightenment?   Are we at the beginning of the end?  

Is the end really that bad? 

Is the best yet to come?

Has sport networks become the new stage for fiction writers?  Is anything real, beside us?  Are we real?  Are we real with each other? Isn’t nature one massive machine?  Is that luck?  Is that creation?  Is it a question worth asking?  When’s the last time you shook a mayors hand?  What happens when the population surpasses the resources? 

Do you feel secure? 

Me Neither.

AFL 2011

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